1. How much does the GBC Broadcasting College (formerly Radio and Television Training School) form cost?
    1. The form costs GHC80.00
    2. The course fee is GHC1,500.00
  • There will not be any additional cost for handouts which will be sent out electronically. All students are therefore requested to set up an e-mail account.
  1. When is the closing date for the sale of forms?
    1. The closing date is September 30, 2015. The form will be online at www.gbcghana.comand applicants can download, fill and send it toGBC Broadcasting College at gbctrainingschool@gbcghana.comApplicants will still be required to pay for the forms.
  2. When does the course start?
    1. The next Radio and Television course will begin on 5th October, 2015
    2. The start date for each subsequent course will be advertised.
  • Applicants can download the form, fill it and send it by e-mail back to the school.
  1. Kindly return your completed forms as soon as possible to enable us to process your application before the next course begin.
  1. Who qualifies to participate in our courses?
    1. Holders of tertiary certificates, diploma, HND or degree or those in tertiary institutions desirous of acquiring broadcast journalism skills while on vacation.
    2. We also admit mature applicants who are already in gainful employment.
  • We do not admit SHS/WASSCE certificate holders except those already working in the industry or in any other related field.
  1. How often are courses organized?
    1. Courses are organized depending on demand from clients.
  2. How will fees be paid?
    1. Fees must be paid in full at the start of any course for even those who decide to pay by installments.
    2. All fees must be paid at the revenue office in Accra or at our Regional offices.
  3. How will one know if s/he has been accepted to attend a course?
    1. You will be informed by text, e-mail and/or phone call.
  4. When does one receive an admission letter?
    1. You will receive your admission letter after you have paid your fees in full.

Fees once paid are not refundable. Fees cover tuition and course materials.

  • Participants must submit photocopies of receipts for all fees paid.
  1. What kind of certificate will course participants receive?
    1. At the end of the course all participants will be awarded Certificates of Participation by GBC– Broadcasting College (Radio and Television Training School).
    2. Participants will only be awarded certificates if their indebtedness to GBC has been fully settled.
  2. What time will courses be held?
    1. The timing of each course or training session will be indicated.
    2. The regular courses will be from 9am to 4 pm
  • The part time courses will be organized during weekends and/or evenings.
  1. What are the employment opportunities for course participants?
    1. Participation in any of GBC’s training sessions qualifies one for employment in most reputable media houses. Some of our course participants are in various radio and television stations.
    2. Our courses are recognized as an industry standard and so we have trained people from other stations across the sub-region and locally we have trained staff of other radio and television stations.
  • GBC is not obliged to employ course participants after any course.
  1. Every applicant will have to go through the relevant employment interviews and prove him/herself.
  2. Participation in any of GBC’s Courses is not in any way linked to employment by the national Broadcaster.
  1. Where will courses be organized?
    1. All courses will take place at GBC in Accra except otherwise indicated.
  2. Will GBC provide accommodation?
    1. Applicants from the regions are kindly informed that they will have to make their own arrangements for accommodation in Accra. GBC does not, and will not provide accommodation.
  3. Will participants pay for handouts?
    1. Study materials and handouts will be free and at the end of each course; all the relevant handouts will be e-mailed to course participants.
    2. When a full course manual is published, course participants will be required to pay for it.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: contact Phone: 0269-72-11-23/026 573 3455(working hours only)

Website:      e-mail:

GBC Radio and TV Training School– We Are Proud Of Our Quality Training


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